Heritage projects update

Snave church survey

At the end of October, we returned to Snave church to complete the graveyard survey started by Lucie and volunteers last summer. We had a fun two days in sun, wind and rain, tackling the transcriptions on some of the harder graves, ably assisted by Church expert Lesley Voice. We also worked with local building archaeologist Alan Dickinson to create an accurate plan of the graves in the graveyard. I was particularly taken with the grave of Mary Wright, complete with memento mori and father and son John Wright. Both graves featured beautifully carved letters. Huge credit to Brendan, Lynn and Eve for their extra work to mop up the last few graves, including poor Thomas Brett, whose memorial now forms the threshold stone for the tower! I am posting snippets from the survey on our social media feeds.
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Photos: Snave Church and Brendan and Rob hard at work transcribing!