Monitoring of the Marsh



When people think of wildlife watching on Romney Marsh, most would head for Dungeness, but there is fantastic wildlife all around if you know what you’re looking for. The ditches are home to rare plants such as tubular water dropwort and Marsh mallow. Rare bees can be found all across the marsh and buzzards can be seen soaring overhead.

This project is all about teaching local people to recognise the wildlife that is all around them. We are working in partnership with Kent and Sussex Records Centres to put on a series of training courses and organise a network of recorders to gather as much information about the wildlife of the marsh as possible. This feeds into the other projects and will be useful for planning projects into the future. Perhaps it will even spark some budding naturalists to get more involved with nature conservation. Click the Wildlife Recording Tab!

Monitoring of the Marsh contributes to Restore project theme.

COMING SOON! A programme of events and workshops on the species of Romney Marsh.

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Nov 2018

Programme of events for 2019

A programme of events in 2019 is being drawn up for the Monitoring of the Marsh project, which will include a packed schedule of wildlife training events and exhibitions. For more details visit the What’s On page.  

Oct 2018

Events being planned

A programme of events being drawn up for this project, mainly to take place in 2019. We will have a packed schedule of wildlife training events and exhibitions.

Jun 2018

Habitat survey update

Plants and lichen survey of church yards started

Apr 2018

Habitat survey update

A contractor has been appointed to commence the habitat survey in the Sussex area of the project. Phase one of the project will establish existing land use types. Local recording groups have been contacted to invite them to be involved in the project.

Feb 2018

Ready to commence

After much sorting of contract documents, we’re now ready to commence subject to fleshing out the bones of this project.

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It is planned to create a number of short films about Romney Marsh during the life of the scheme and this will include recording the progress of the projects. Go to the film footage page to get details of the films we have produced so far.

Help us reach 100,000 wildlife sightings!

Get involved with wildlife recording on Romney Marsh! Whether you’ve never heard of wildlife recording or you’re an expert entomologist there are lots of events coming up and ways to get involved. Go to the Wildlife Recording page for full details and to check out our interactive map.


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